The nature is not a temple, it is a workshop, and a man is a worker in it.

- Ivan Turgenev -

In order to be surprised, you need just a moment, and to do a marvelous thing, it takes years of patience and hard work.

- Claude Adrian Helvetius -

If you will work only for today, your work will be void; we have to work, meaning only the future.

- A.P. Chekhov -

They are made from natural wood of beech, oak, ash. The joint or solid furniture panels of own production are used in the production. Bedroom furniture take the largest share: beds, chests of drawers, bedside tables. The kitchen furniture is in the second place: tables, chairs. We select linseed oil in the most cases to cover the products. Another variant is also possible for the customer. We buy the materials and accessories in of proven European manufacturers. The department of drawing and designers, who are developing models of furniture, are working on the production. We also work with the customer's drawings.

They are made from such breeds of the tree: beech, oak, ash. By type of coalescence, they are divided into solid and joined. Also, they are divided on grades from A / B to C / C. Technological conditions, on request, you can ask the manager. Manufacturing technology allows obtaining panels of such sizes:

material length, mm width, mm thickness, mm
from to from to
joint 900 5000 100 1000 18/27/40/50
solid 900 2000 100 1000 20/27/40/50

For bonding, we use Jowat glue of D3 class.

We use wastes from wood for production of fuel briquettes of RUF type. For many years we have been exporting this ecological fuel to Europe for heating homes. Briquettes of size 154mm x 97mm x 54mm and weighing 830 g, are densely packed in thermo material.

Production Structure
Why should you choose our furniture from wood ?
used for furniture, allows controlling quality at all stages and affecting the value of the finished product.
from which the furniture is made, ensure a healthy and ecological atmosphere at home.
From classic to modern high-tech or loft.
Durability and stability are its characteristic features.
wooden furniture has a special power, which has a beneficial effect on humans.

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